What is a great digital marketing agency known for? By its SEO and SEM results. That is why we focus on the results of our clients' digital campaigns. Once we get the results, we try to make them even better. Catch that first place on Google. Trust us, it feels good.



If you are wondering how to fight for the first place on a search engine, the secret lies in search engine optimization or abbreviated – SEO.
SEO as a whole is a broad and specialized field of digital marketing that requires knowledge, time, money, tools, and experience.
To achieve quality and long-term results, it is best to leave it to a professional SEO agency.
And you have already found your SEO agency.



Any SEO expert will tell you – “Search engine optimization starts with your website.”
That’s why Brainmetrics prioritizes the success of your digital campaign primarily on On-site SEO.

What is it really?

On-site SEO means optimizing all the elements on your site for the purpose of better SEO rating.
On the other hand, we also have an important factor in our digital campaign – off-site SEO, which will not get as good results if your website is not optimized first.
So use our knowledge and skills to keep all the content and HTML of your site optimized and you will see the results very quickly because browsing your site will be just that – very fast.


Off-site SEO

With search engine optimization we don’t stop at your website. To reach that first place we all wish for, it is essential to optimize all the content outside of your site.
By content outside of your website, we primarily mean the backlinking technique. Easiest to explain, backlinks tell search engines about the authenticity, relevance, and credibility a site has.
It is also important to note that the quality of backlinks is important for off-site SEO.
We probably don’t even have to tell you that Brainmetrics won’t use suspicious and irrelevant backlinks to “pump numbers.” After all, you will see results with a quick google.
Another, smaller but equally important item related to off-site SEO is social media marketing, the use of influencers, as well as relevant placements on other websites.



Most people mix SEO and SEM. We are not one of those people.
Seacrh engine marketing or SEM is a form of marketing that focuses on the best possible position among search engines.
Why is SEM probably the most efficient and powerful way to boost your business?
Unlike traditional marketing, where we cannot control to such an extent who will see our ad, SEM offers us the opportunity to place our ads in front of exactly those people who are our target group.
How are we going to achieve that?


Search ads

Search ads are the first thing users see when searching for relevant topics. This makes them the best place to advertise.
To make it easiest to explain how search ads work, it’s easiest to say that these are the first (sponsored) results to appear in a Google search engine. The position in which the ad appears depends on several factors – the amount invested as well as the SEO optimization of the site itself.
In addition, for every penny you invest in search ads, you will earn a penny more.
You don’t have to trust us, but you can trust Google.


Display ads

Unlike search ads, display ads appear to the user while surfing social networks and websites.
We’ll target users for you when they least expect it.
Combined with search ads, your online presence will be greater than ever.


Video ads

One of the newer trends is the focus on pre-roll advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other platforms that have the ability to watch videos.
The most effective solution is a short five-second preroll posted on YouTube because the user has no choice but to watch the commercial for those five seconds.
No idea for a pre-roll? Don’t worry, our creatives will have an idea.



The simplest definition of cross-channel advertising is the use of all available channels through which we create a personalized and individualized customer journey.
With cross-channel advertising, your brand will be present to customers at all times during the time they spend on social media and the internet.
With a successful cross-channel campaign, we turn users into customers.


Articles in media

Why use Brainmetrics to get articles in media when you can do the same? Because using our service, the price will be much lower than if you go directly to the media.
Whether it is a lease of radio or television space, a billboard or a Go2Digital panel, we will get the best possible price for you with the best possible reach.


E-mail marketing

One of the oldest (and most effective) digital marketing strategies is to address customers via direct email.
Although this way of advertising has been relevant since the very beginning of the Internet, today’s methods of e-mail marketing make it an important factor in the overall digital marketing strategy.
And when you leave your emails to our creatives, you can be sure that your newsletters will be remembered by users.


E-commerce marketing

One of the latest trends in digital marketing is e-commerce marketing.
Surely by surfing social networks, you have noticed the tagging of certain items that lead you to the website for the purchase of that item.
This method, in addition to being elegant and non-intrusive, leads to an additional conversion rate in which the target users become what we want – customers.


In-app advertising

With the development of the digital sphere, new methods of advertising have also been developed. One of these methods is in-app advertising.
Whether it’s utilitarian apps or apps that we use for entertainment, life without them is unthinkable.
That’s why apps are the perfect place to expand the reach of your digital marketing campaign.


Influencer marketing

Influencers, when used properly, represent an extremely strong growth of brand awareness and consequently brand loyalty.
What do we mean when we say “the right way”? This means first finding the target group we want to target with our campaign. Once we find the target group, we also look for an influencer who addresses the target group and is relevant to the product or service we offer.
After that, everything is easy.
We are looking for real influencers for you and we are negotiating conditions with them that will satisfy both parties.